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    Myrto Yfanti

    @nathalie-brandes welcome! We are glad to have you here! Could you please give us some information regarding the cost of living in Tübingen? Thank you!

    Nathalie Brandes

    Hey Myrto, thanks a lot for inviting me to the platform! It is a super cool idea and I appreciate that I can join it 🙂 Finding a place to stay is quite difficult in Tübingen, as the town is quite small (80.000 inhabitants) and 30.000 of them are students so everyone is looking for a room. However, for exchange students the university offers accommodation in university houses, which is probably the easiest way to find a room when you are not already living in Tübingen and can look for housing. University accommodation probably starts at 280 Euros. If you try to find a room in an apartment with other students, private rooms are about 300-400 Euros per month but that depends. Apartments start around 500 Euros. The best way to find private accommodation in Tübingen is at the website ‘WG-gesucht’ and then just look for Tübingen. Most rooms and apartments are advertised there. Even rent is quite expensive in Tübingen you can easily get from one place to another by bike or by bus. You can buy a semester ticket for using all public transport, which is about 80 Euros for the whole semester. You barely have to buy books and materials for university since you can usually borrow all the book in the library. Food is average price but there are different ranges of supermarkets – cheap ones, normal ones and organic ones but there are also quite nice places to get food in town, which have student-friendly prices. We also have a cafeteria, where you can get three different hot meals everyday for 3 to 5 Euros.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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