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the cost depends on a lot of things, really. Being a student, you typically do not pay for studies, but housing cost varies – if you want something in the city, then it is going to cost more, a little bit outside and then it is somewhere around 3000 nok per month to rent a room in student housing, which is roughly, 300 euros per month. Food, if you are not a huge fan of meat and milk products ( as those are the most expensive here ) is quite cheap. I’d recommend trying to find market stores, they usually sell cheaper veggies or go to Rema1000 or Kiwi or Coop (those are cheaper food stores). Also, I would recommend shopping trips to Sweden as prices there are lower than in Norway for food. Public transport with student ID is in a medium price range. Living in Oslo, back in my study years, for a monthly Ruter pass I would end up paying around 415 nok ( roughly 30 to 40 euros ).