We ask you to follow these guidelines to ensure that the forums will contain productive conversations. Your  participation implies their full acceptance!


The rules can be modified/deleted at any time without any notice. Therefore, the registered members have to check the Rules tab frequently.

  1. During the registration process, you enter a valid e-mail, a username and a password. From then on, each user has the possibility to add photo and other additional information on their profile.
  2. No more than one subscription can be made with the same e- mail address.
  3. Before asking questions, consider the following:
  • Look at the existing forums and topics, because the question you want to make, may already exist. In this case you will not need to open a new topic.
  • There may be no answer to your question or the existing forum members may not know the answer. In this case, or in case you can’t find the country you are interested in, you can go to Forum ”Requests” and ask for help.
  • Tag the members you want to ask something by using @+ their username. In this way it is easier for them to find the notification.
  1. Forum language: If you are Greek, try not to use greeklish. In general, you can post either in Greek or in English, because there are also members from all over the world. The main site language is English, but the discussions are held mainly in Greek. That’s why there is an auto translation there which can be used by people who don’t speak Greek, in order to understand the discussion.
  2. Proper behaviorAttention! The abusive use of language is not allowed in any way, as well as malicious references to other forums. In addition, no uppercase words are allowed. If you want to emphasize, please use bold characters.
  3. Each topic title should be a short description of the content, so as not to mislead and impede the discussion.
  4. Your questions should be posted on the topics to which they relate. If you realize that there is a question in the wrong topic, please let the moderators know so as to move it to the right category.
  5. Any commercial/ advertising has to be approved by the administrator.
  6. PROHIBITED: The publication of photos, videos and other personal information from third parties.
  7. PROHIBITED: The publication of erotic and pornographic material of any kind, broken programs, personal data without permission, questions related to illegal actions, substances etc. or photos and videos with offensive content.
  8. For your own safety, please avoid giving personal information. If, however, you wish to, you do that at your own risk.
  9. Any member requested deletion will be deleted immediately, but their posts will remain. Of course, if they wish to, their personal photos and videos will be deleted.
  10. When you post something belonging to another website, forum or author, please indicate your source. 
  11. The material published by the forum members (personal photos, videos, texts, etc.) belongs to them and may not be published elsewhere without their approval.
  12. Spamming is prohibited and spammers will be immediately deleted.
  13. The use of this website for illegal purposes entails civil or criminal responsibility. The creators, administrators and forum moderators do not have any responsibility for material coming from third parties and hosted on the site.
  14. PROHIBITED: Using the material found on this website for commercial purposes. Sharing and reproduction of this material is allowed for non- commercial purposes, only if there is a clear indication of studybuddy.citycampus.gr as the source.
  15. PROHIBITED: Illegal file trafficking, software and links that lead to the same or similar content websites (eg torrents).
  16. You may not display private conversations in the main chat. Administrators and moderators only control talks in the main chat. If you want to block a private conversation for any reason, you can use the block button.
  17. Administrators and site moderators will never reveal personal data of the forum’s members and visitors. All data recorded in the database can be given to the authorities, if requested.

Non compliance with all the above rules is a key reason why a member will be removed from the forum. The administrators and moderators of studybuddy.citycampus.gr have every right to delete or prohibit the entry (temporarily or permanently) to members who offend and annoy other members, do not respect the rules and impede the flow of information.

Thank you for respecting the rules!
The citycampus.gr team